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Treat Your Pain with Massage Therapy!

Most Americans experience pain for one reason or another. Whether you have a sore back from work or a sore neck from stress, you can treat your pain with massage therapy. Learn more about how massage therapy can help you experience relief by reading on.

Massage Therapy at Downtown Fitness

Massage therapy is designed to relax muscles. One form of massage therapy is a Swedish massage. When you think of a massage, a Swedish massage may be the first thing you think of. Swedish massages focus on deep and complete relaxation, as well as the release of cramped muscles. Swedish massages use effleurage (long sweeping strokes of a muscle from top to bottom), petrissage (rolling and kneading of the muscles), tapotement (tapping or drumming), and friction.

The next form of massage therapy is deep tissue. A deep tissue massage is not for everyone. This type of massage is more forceful than a Swedish massage. A massage therapist goes deeply into each sore muscle, reaching as far down through the muscle to the bone as possible. This technique can release scar tissue and assist in relaxing tightly knotted muscles.

The third type of massage therapy is myofascial release. A myofascial release targets the trigger points in the fascia, which relieves pain throughout the body. First, a massage therapist will gently massage all over the body. During this part of the massage, they will feel for any spots of tension or tightness. When they identify any spots, they will work these areas gently, then increase pressure across the area as the fascia begins to release.

These forms of massage therapy are just some of the types of massages you can receive to experience relief. Whether your body is sore from daily activities or from stress, consider heading to Downtown Fitness for massage therapy. We offer a variety of massage therapy services, including myofascial release, deep tissue massage, therapeutic cupping, Swedish massage, and so on. To schedule an appointment with Downtown Fitness, give us a call at 941-260-3910 today!

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