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Petar Sibinkic

Petar is developer, owner and one of the trainers at Downtown Fitness and Longboat Key Fitness. A former Olympic athlete from Serbia, he has been a premier fitness trainer since 2000. A certified personal trainer thru ACE (American Council on Exercise) and Sports Technology Specialist, Petar has a Bachelor’s Degree in Sports Technology Training. Capitalizing on his energetic entrepreneurial drive, he developed the Longboat Key Fitness Studio concept based on his own high achieving training style. Petar's program carefully promotes health and an extended healthy life style, avoiding strain and injury. With a warm and friendly approach, Petar develops special personal relationships with his clients. He enjoys educating them toward a full understanding of the purpose of each exercise enabling his clients to do the exercises on their own. Every program is highly personalized. Petar is the father of two beautiful boys.

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Heather Antritt

Fitness and nutrition are essential components of Heather’s life; therefore, helping clients achieve their personal fitness goals is what she finds most rewarding. Heather has a Bachelor’s Degree in Exercise Physiology and is a certified personal trainer through American Council on Exercise.

She believes that focusing on balance, core, strength and flexibility are key components in helping an individual avoid injury, maintain strength and enjoy an improved quality of life. In addition to training, Heather has spent many years working as an exercise physiologist in cardiac, pulmonary and outpatient rehabilitation. Heather’s passion lies in creating customized workouts for clients of all ages and fitness levels. Her workouts are innovative and challenging yet safe and effective, thus ensuring personal fitness goals are achieved.

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Dan Basinger

Dan Basinger, originally from the Pacific Coast, has always been a health and fitness enthusiast. His passion for team sports led him to play professional basketball while living in New Zealand. More recently, Dan competes in local endurance sporting events that raise money for numerous charitable organizations. After moving to Sarasota Florida, he began a career as a certified personal trainer. His experience ranges from helping clients with chronic lower back pain, hip replacements, shoulder injuries, to weight loss and elite athlete training. Dan’s mantra, as a trainer, is “lengthen before strengthen,” believing flexibility and good range of motion is tantamount to building muscle and endurance. Using a combination of yoga based workouts, weight training and interval training, Dan’s workouts improve core, balance and functional strength. When not in the studio, you are most likely to find Dan guiding eco fishing tours on paddle boards or leading a group fitness class on the beautiful beaches of Anna Maria Island, where he is currently living.
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Peter Innocenti

Peter Innocenti is a certified Personal Trainer and has 22 years experience. He has worked in New Jersey, North Carolina and has lived in Florida since 2015. Peter has certifications as a Post Rehab Specialist with AFPA and as a Corrective Exercise Specialist with NASM. Peter realizes that each person has unique needs and development of an individualized program is the key to success. Peter finds it gratifying to work with people who have challenges and finding a way to make exercise a part of their life.

Peter loves to travel with his wife and daughter, they also love dining out and enjoying the beautiful beaches of the Gulf Coast.

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Gretchen Johnson

Gretchen Johnson grew up in Nashville, TN practicing gymnastics and moving on to competitive cheerleading. After graduating from UT Knoxville, Gretchen ventured to study Pilates at The Pilates Studio of New York. She devoted herself to hundreds of hours of school, private lessons, practice hours and testing to become a certified Authentic Pilates teacher in 2003 and furthered her education by completing the Power Pilates Graduate Program in March of 2016. Gretchen opened Absolute Pilates in Brentwood, TN in 2004 and sold it December of 2017 to relocate to Sarasota, Florida to be closer to family. Motivated by her personal journey in creating a healthy body and mind, Gretchen Johnson is also a certified Health Coach through the Health Coach Institute to guide others in creating a sustainable and balanced lifestyle.

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Dereck Rock

Dereck started his fitness career in the British Army and was a Physical Training instructor for new recruits. After taking a hiatus from teaching fitness, he worked in Investment Banking in London, Tokyo and on Wall Street. Dereck returned to his roots a few years ago and is now a full time Certified Personal Trainer with ACE.

Dereck enjoys creating circuit based fitness programs. He believes that full body fitness starts from the inside and that a combination of dynamic movement, cardio and resistance training can deliver results for clients of all ages and abilities.

He has worked with people recovering from serious illness and injury, helping to guide them back on the road to recovery.

Dereck can work with all ages and abilities, and his programs are interesting and diverse. You won't ever get bored training with Dereck!

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Debbie Rock

Debbie is a Certified Personal Trainer, Group Fitness Instructor and Health Coach with the American Council on Exercise (ACE) and has been working in the fitness industry since 2012. Debbie was a fitness trainer in New York and London before relocating to Sarasota, FL.

As an orthopedic exercise specialist, she worked alongside physiotherapists at the Marie Curie Hospital in London, where she helped clients recover from various surgeries and injuries, and worked with those fighting long-term illness. Debbie also worked with clients in the hydrotherapy pool, helping them progress from water to land-based workouts.

Debbie is experienced in variety of fitness formats including HITT (high intensity interval training), balance training, boxing and studio cycling. She has worked with all ages and fitness levels and will create an exciting exercise program tailored to your individual needs. Debbie believes that exercise should be fun and everyone can find a workout they enjoy!

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Lauren Woodruff

Lauren is a certified personal trainer through AFFA and holds an advanced certificate in Active Isolated stretching.

Born and raised in the UK and now a proud resident of the US, Lauren has always had a passion for health and fitness.

Having worked with all ages and abilities, Lauren is able to create workouts that meet clients individual needs and desires. She believes in living a healthy active lifestyle, one that is maintainable, effective and enjoyable. Through building relationships and encouraging clients she hopes to help them maintain active, challenge them, prevent injury and just enjoy working out!

Stimson P Schantz

As a physician/general surgeon with over 39 years of experience, Dr Schantz brings a unique perspective as a NASM -certified personal trainer to both Longboat Key Fitness and Downtown Fitness. Prior to his relocation to Sarasota, Dr Schantz was Professor of Otolaryngology at the New York Eye and Ear Infirmary in New York City and Chief of the Head and Neck Surgery Service. His focus has been cancer surgery his entire career and has provided him a comprehensive understanding of the human body.

His understanding of medical conditions will guide in the construct of appropriate training programs for those with a variety of illnesses as well as those who simply want to achieve fitness goals. His focus includes senior fitness as well as individuals who require corrective exercise guidance in a post- physical therapy rehabilitation setting. Corrective exercise programs are designed for those with alterations in the five kinetic chain checkpoints and include: foot and ankle; knee; lumbo-pelvic-hip complex; back, and shoulders. Individuals with chronic illnesses including cardiovascular diseases, bone disorders including arthritis and osteoporosis, neuromuscular disorders, pulmonary diseases, obesity, diabetes, and cancer. All clients will undergo assessment of static and dynamic movement systems. Results will guide programs to restore muscle balance, flexibility, core, and muscle strength. Barriers to long term fitness training will be addressed.

Dr. Schantz is also NASM certified as Golf Exercise Specialist and is in the Titleist Performance Institute for both personal trainers and physicians. This represents a comprehensive expertise in diagnosing golf related injuries and providing golf fitness corrective exercises and conditioning.

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