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Is a Deep Tissue Massage Right for You?

Deep tissue massage is that massage that goes beneath the layers and realigns your muscles in-depth. Often detailed, it is used for therapeutic and healing purposes especially for musculoskeletal problems like low back pain, muscle aches, hurting shoulders, throbbing and/or stiff necks and some injury types. 

Since deep tissue massage does this and many more, how do you know if it is the right fit for you? There is a clear how-to technique: by examining what constitutes deep tissue massage.

Chronic Tension

Deep Tissue Massage Sarasota

This is mostly like a feedback loop: your muscles experience pain or stress and it leads to tension (rigidity, tightness) and then, the tension leads to more pain or stress for/in your muscles. It is like a symbiotic relationship where both parties are feeding off each other – but it is more parasitic than symbiotic. This does not augur well with the way your muscles and your body are meant to function.

A deep tissue massage steps right in the middle and breaks this loop/cycle by tackling the primary cause of the pain or stress your muscle feels.

Scar Tissues

How your body reacts to tears in the muscles is by patching up your muscles with a scar tissue. It is why you are advised to take it easy on a part of your body especially when injured and in the healing process because scar tissue is not as tough as the original tissue.

Deep tissue massage, in this case, helps the scar tissue become strong over time and prevents it from being overwhelmed.


Also known as the connective tissue, there are healthy and unhealthy forms of connective tissue. The healthy is super adjustable and unrestricted in movement. On the other hand, the unhealthy is puffed up (swollen), inflexible and tense as a result of trauma and stress. When unhealthy, this leads to an additional bodily pain on you and grows to visible inconveniences like body aches, headaches, etc.

A deep tissue massage helps smoothen things out and restores your fascia to the healthy state it should be in order to retain its flexibility and have your body bid goodbye to the attendant aches and pains.

We would like to give you an affordable deep tissue massage here at Downtown Fitness, located at 1599 Main Street in Sarasota. You can also call us on 941-260-3910 for our membership options.

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